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Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Have you joined the exclusive club of homeowners in Colorado? You deserve a pat on the back for becoming a homeowner. However, you need to keep in mind that being a homeowner isn’t risk-free. Since it is probably the most significant investment in your life, you need to do everything possible to ensure that your investment is protected, and you will always have a decent place to call home even when the worst happens.

Holtman Insurance offers you a customer-friendly home insurance policy that will safeguard your home against a wide range of risks. We shall always be there to repair or rebuild your home when the unexpected happens. Our homeowner’s insurance policy covers the following aspects:

Structure of Your Home

We shall always be there to repair or rebuild your home if it is damaged or destroyed by hail, lightning, fire, hurricane, or any other covered disaster. Apart from your home structure, we also cover other detached structures such as your tool shed, gazebo, and even your garage. You can trust us and be sure that we shall always be there when you need us.

Personal Property Protection

Apart from repairing or rebuilding your home, our home insurance policy also protects your personal belongings such as electronics, clothing, jewelry, and furniture. We shall pay you for any personal items in your home that may be destroyed or damaged by a covered peril. Our personal property protection covers your personal belongings both on and off-site meaning that we protect your property anywhere in the world.

Loss of Use Coverage

Our loss of use coverage will come in when your home is destroyed beyond habitation. An incident that will force you to seek shelter elsewhere else as your home is being repaired or rebuild. We shall pay any additional living expenses that you may incur during this process.

Liability Coverage

Our liability coverage protects you and your family members from lawsuits for property damage or bodily injury in which you are responsible. We shall meet the cost of representing you in court and cover any costs that the court may order you to pay. Our liability coverage travels with you anywhere in the world.

Are you a homeowner in Colorado? Contact us today for a customer-friendly home insurance policy.

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